After The Rain

After The Rain


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Profusely illustrated by Michael Highburger. In former days devotees journeyed great distances to be in the Sage’s presence and testified time and again to the transformative impact of his darshan. His magnetism was unmistakable and even first-time visitors found themselves unable to leave once in his company. All came to be enveloped in a deep penetrating gaze which, in an instant, melted away their concerns and changed their lives forever.
Today, not having the benefit of Sri Ramana’s physical prsence, we turn to his recorded words and images and find ourselves ever grateful to those who collected and preserved the written and photographic elements of Bhagavan’s life, affording us the opportunity for his darshan.

The present edition provides us with one such opportunity for his darshan. A companion volume to the ever-popular Heart is Thy name, this collection picks up where the earlier book left off, offering fresh glimpses of the Maharshi and the ashram environs, and garlanding them with penetrating selections from Bhagavan’s works.
Who could ever pull themselves away from the captivating poser of Bhagavan’s form and teaching? Rather let us pull away from the torrent and chaos of worldly life and gather in the sunlight of his image and words: and be blessed now.pp108

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