Be the Self

Be the Self


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Whether we know or not, we are nothing but the non-dual Pure Consciousness, Pure Bliss, the Limitless, the Self, Sat-Chit-Ananda. Then why not know it? If we are unlimited, why be limited? If our nature is Pure Bliss, then why suffer as we do? This booklet tells us that Bhagavan Ramana teaches us that all that we have to do to be Pure Consciousness is just to be ourself, to Be instead of being this or that. To Be and not to become. Quoting copiously from Bhagavan Ramana’s teachings, the author shows that the easiest thing is to be oneself, to be the non-dual, blissful Self that we are.

Human effort can take us very far. But Guru’s Grace is the sine qua non for us to reach the goal of Self-Realisation. This booklet discusses the importance of Grace.

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