Commentary on Anuvada Nunmalai – VOL. I

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Commentary on Anuvada Nunmalai – VOL. I


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This volume, a companion to the earlier one, is a translation in English of the commentary of Smt. T.R. Kanakammal on Bhagavan’s rendition in Tamil of two spiritual classics from Sanskrit.

Devi Kalottaram and Anma Sakshatkaram, though a part of the Agamic Sastras, contain gems of Advaitic Truth which prompted Bhagavan to translate them. But the embellishment by way of the use of chaste language with literary charm and the choice of the suitable verse-form in Tamil providing scope for enrichment and expansion of ideas make them more than mere translations. Each verse is an encapsulated Upanishadic content and both these may aptly be termed as ‘Moksha Gita’ and ‘Mukti Gita’ respectively.

The One Truth that runs with detailed emphasis through both these texts is Atma-Yoga, yoking the Self to the Self and that the goal – Knowledge – and the way to the goal – the path of knowledge – are one and the same which is the core teaching of Bhagavan.

This book provides the meaning of each verse phrase by phrase and a lucid commentary on each verse.

It is hoped that, this translation also by ‘KAYS’, will be of help and guidance to seekers of knowledge devoted to Sri Bhagavan. pp.444

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