Direct Teaching of Bhagavan Ramana

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Direct Teaching of Bhagavan Ramana


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By V. Ganesan, former editor of the Mountain Path.

Spiritual seekers are advised by the great Master, Bhagavan Ramana to turn inward. In ‘Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi’ we read “The only useful purpose of the present birth is to turn within and realise it. There is nothing else to do” and “The Self is not found in external objects. Turn your look within and plunge down; you will be the Self.”

Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teaching has the refrain ‘know thyself’. “What exists in truth is the Self alone. The world, the individual soul, and God are appearances in it, like silver in mother-of-pearl, these three appear at the same time, and disappear at the same time. The Self is where there is absolutely no ‘I’ thought. That is called ‘Silence’. The Self itself is the world; the Self itself is ‘I’; the Self itself is God; all is Siva, the Self.”

An earnest effort is made here to draw the seeker back to the one and only ‘practice’ our Master insisted on: ‘Self-enquiry’. The seeker is thus exposed to the paramount importance, and true significance of treading the “Path of Sri Ramana”.


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