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Guru-Giri-Gudi (Telugu)


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Language Telugu. Author Dr. Lingeshwara Rao. The pocket-size book is a comprehensive guide to the ever-increasing flow of Telugu speaking visitors to Arunachala. It introduces them to:
1) The Guru:- Sri Ramana with a short life sketch and His teachings, His present abode – SriRamanashramam. 2) Giri (Hill):- The origin and accounts of the various sacred sites like caves,hermitages, the town and its prominent sacred centres; and a deailed description of the sacred circumambulation of the Hill, called Giri Pradakshina. 3) Gudi (Temple):- The history and details of various shrines, deities, and the religious services and functions.Your visit to the ashram and Pradakshina around the Hill and the great Temple will be much more effective and spiritually beneficial once you read and understand the significance of various special spots and shrines around the hill.PP 112

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