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Guru Ramana (English)- DVD


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M.S.Subbulakshmi’s inspiring renditions of the Maharshi’s compositions provide an impeccable backdrop to the personal stories and narrations delicately strung together with English subtitles, voiceovers, archival photos and films. Though thousands flocked to Sri Ramana Maharshi from the world over, few moved with him more intimately than those featured in this video. They received his grace, absorbed his effulgence and spent a lifetime experiencing His Living Presence. Introduced by Swami Ramananda Saraswati (former President of Sri Ramanasramam), and featuring highlights of interviews with Annamalai Swami (1906-1995), Balarama Reddy (1908-1995), Kanakammal (1922-), Krishnaswami (1906-1996), Kunjuswami (1897-1992), N.N.Rajan (1906-1994), Prof.N.R.Krishnamoorty Aiyar (1907-1994), Rajapalayam Ramani Ammal (1927-1994), Ramaswami Pillai (1895-1995), Prof.K.Swaminathan (1896-1994) and Sampoorna Ammal (1899-1993).

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