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In the Kitchen with Bhagavan



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One hundred and thirty years ago, young Ramana left home and embarked on a journey to Holy Arunachala, an event that would mark the beginning of a new chapter in his life and in the lives of thousands who would later be touched by his presence at Sri Ramanasramam. A noteworthy aspect of Bhagavan Ramana’s daily routine at the Ashram was his practice of rising each day at 3 am to make his way to the kitchen to light the fire and chop vegetables for the morning meal. Just as Bhagavan’s Old Hall is revered as a temple, Bhagavan’s kitchen is equally sacred.

The present volume traces this history orienting the narrative around the reception, preparation, and offering of food. Anecdotes from the early days in the Big Temple, subsequent bhiksha rounds in the streets of the town, food offered Bhagavan by sympathetic devotees on or around the Hill, and later testimonies of devotees who worked alongside him in the Ashram kitchen make up the following pages.

The present collection of stories documents a significant chapter in religious history and serves as a guide for those seeking to follow in the footsteps of the Master.

— From the Publisher’s Note

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