In the Service of Sri Bhagavan

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In the Service of Sri Bhagavan



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Sri Niranjananda Swami, fondly called Chinnaswami, was Bhagavan’s brother.

‘Swami Ramanananda was his son and called Venkitoo.

“1 do not worship any other deity besides Bhagavan! | have no business other than the service to Bhagavan’s devotees. My main business is to feed and take care of the devotees! | devoted my body and soul to doing that!” Sri Niranjanananda Swami, also known as Chinnaswami, is the pinnacle of charity. The book ‘In the Service of Bhagavan’ explains the life of that great devotee who is the epitome of Ekabhaktiin simple English.

Apart from the karmic path, who was not directly involved in the paths of wisdom and devotion, Venkitoo’s relationship with Bhagavan Ramana is not only varied but also elucidates the perfection of the sage in many ways. This book contains many delicious Ramana events not found in many ‘memoirs’ published so far about Bhagavan. Many relationships are indicated in this book as jnana marga interpretations with the paripoorna jnani, Bhagavan Sri Ramana.

Both these books were previously published separately in Tamil by Sri Ramanasramam. We are publishing these two books as a single book under the title ‘In the Service of Bhagavan’.

‘We pray to Sri Bhagavan that devotees will benefit from reading this book and also understand the value of service.

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