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This book is based largely on two Sanskrit works of Lakshmana Sarma, Sri Ramana Hridayam and Guru Ramana Vachana Mala. The status of the world, the soul, the egoless state and merits of devotion are all lucidly explained so as to help the serious seeker understand the teaching of Sri Bhagavan. The author chooses to write under the pseudonym ‘WHO’.

Lakshmana Sarma summarises the teaching of Sri Maharahi. He also gives a clear summary of the entire Vedanta embodying in particular the exposition of Shankaracharya. In effect we see the perfect parallelism between the teachings of the Upanishads and those of Sri Maharshi.

The method of Self-enquiry by Sri Maharshi has an intense orientation towards practice. This means enquiring into the source of ‘I’ which leads to the extinction of the ego, that is, the illusory ‘I’. Thus Self-enquiry leads to Self-realisation.

About the Author

Lakshmana Sarma had the good fortune of spending nearly twenty years in the immediate proximity of Sri Maharshi. He used to spend the maximum possible time in Sri Bhagavan’s hall so as not to miss any single episode or statement by Sri Bhagavan.

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