My life at Sri Ramanasramam

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My life at Sri Ramanasramam


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This book begins and ends on an autobiographical note but the rest of the book is, like her earlier book Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, wholly a gripping narration of the events that unfolded themselves day after day around Sri Bhagavan at the Old Hall, her own personal life progressively blending and then merging in life at the Asramam.

As if to prepare Nagamma for her spiritual life under the silent guidance of Sri Bhagavan, destiny in its cruel kindness had tested her in the fire of continuous suffering right from her childhood. She had plumbed the depths of despair and depression and yearned for peace which a number of practices like austerities, worship, chanting, meditation, pilgrimages, social service etc. did not vouch her. When finally she came to Bhagavan in 1941 at the age of 39, she instantly realized that she was in the presence of her Dream-Guru, the one who actually came to her in a dream. From then on she never looked back. She came looking for peace but found that she was in for the Peace that passeth understanding. Bhagavan lifted her from the depths of depression to the peak of inner joy which sings through the pages of all her books on Bhagavan and rubs off on the reader.The Dream-Guru was awakenwing her.

A few years after Bhagavan’s Mahasamadhi, Nagamma settled down at her native place visiting the Asramam during Bhagavan’s Jayanti and Aradhana and staying each time for a month or two. Even at Kolanukonda, her native place, Nagamma’s ‘life at Sri Ramanasramam’ continued for she could have said what Sri Muruganar once told an admirer at Chennai: “Ramanasramam is where I am.” pp.150

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