Purushothama Ramana

Purushothama Ramana


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Purushottama Ramana is a wonderful collection of real life anecdotes from the elife of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Each incident is lucidly described by the author with a wonderful photo of the Master.
In the 1980’s, the monthly journal brought out by Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning, Bangalore, The Ramana Way, published a series of anecdotes from the life of Sri Bhagavan and reminiscences of Old Devotees, under the title: Purushottama Ramana. Its author, V. Ganesan, has had the unenviable golden opportunity of staying close to those elderly devotees of Sri Bhagavan, who had dedicated their lives at the sacred feet of the Great Master; and recording those precious gems.
This series later was brought out in book form under the same title: Purushottama Ramana.

The uniqueness of the book is that every anecdote is followed by a captivating blow-up photo of Sri Bhagavan. Infinite indeed is the beauty of each picture – the gentle smile, the majestic glance, the indrawn silence, the tender compassion!Richly illustrated pp56

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