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B.V. Narasimha Swami, the author of this work, came to Tiruvannamalai in the late 1920’s and lived in the vicinity of Sri Ramanasramam for many years. He was deeply devoted to Bhagavan Ramana.

Having decided to write about the life and teachings of the Maharshi, Narasimha Swami painstakingly went about gathering details from various sources. He travelled to Tiruchuli and Madurai and learned a lot about Sri Bhagavan’s early life.

He also managed to draw the Sage into reminiscing about his boyhood days, his death experience at Madurai, the journey to Tiruvannamalai, and about his life during his stay at the temple and on the holy hill Arunachala. Narasimha Swami also learned about the Maharshi’s devotees, their service and contribution towards spreading his glory and message. With deep insight and keen perception, yet in simple, flowing style, he has chronicled the Maharshi’s life and explained his teachings.

The spiritual world cannot but be grateful to Narasimha Swami, for this work is the first biography of Sri Ramana Maharshi, one of the greatest sages to walk the earth. First published in 1931 when the Sage was still living in the body, this book has seen several editions and adorns the bookshelf of countless spiritual seekers. pp.292+xii