Siva Bhakta Vilasam

Siva Bhakta Vilasam


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Devotees of Sri Ramana Maharshi are well aware that he was profoundly influenced by the Periapuranam containing the lives of the Nayanmars, the sixtythree Saivite saints. Even after realizing the Self he prayed before the images of the Nayanmars at the Meenakshi temple that he may become a devotee like them!

Sivabhakta Vilasam is similar to the Periapuranam and gives an account in Sanskrit of the lives of the Nayanmars. It has its origin in an episode in Kailasa when a congregation of rishis saw a brilliant light descending before them. Maharshi Upamanyu explained to the assembled rishis that it was Sundara, the pre-eminent Nayanar who came in that form. He also revealed the names and stories of all the sixtythree Nayanmars. This account by Maharshi Upamanyu was later given to others by Sri Suta Muni and Agastya Rishi.

The present translation of Sivabhakta Vilasam into English is by Lingeswara Rao, a fellow devotee. He has also translated the work into Telugu. pp. 459

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