Sivabhakta Puranam – Part I (Malayalam)

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Sivabhakta Puranam – Part I (Malayalam)


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The Tamil canonical poem Periya Puranam, compiled in 12th century by poet-saint Sekkizhar deals with the lives of the sixty three Saivaite saints known as
Nayanmars in Tamilnadu. The sixty three Nayanmars are highly respected and worshipped in all Siva temples in Tamilnadu even today and the Periya Puranam
which gives the account of their lives is revered as a devotional scripture.

The Sanskrit work Sivabhakta Vilasam, which is an Upa Puranam of Skanda Puranam also deals with the lives of these sixty three Saivaite saints. However, the accounts given in Sivabhakta Vilasam vary slightly from that of Periya Puranam because of the approach taken therein.

This Malayalam version of Sivabhakta Puranam is an independent translation by Savitha based on both Periya Puranam and Sivabhakta Vilasam. Sivabhakta Puranam was written comparing and covering all aspects from both the scriptures.

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