Song Celestial, The

Song Celestial, The


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This book embodies forty-two slokas, which spiritual aspirants, desirous of Liberation, can study and live by. These were selected by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi from Srimad Bhagavad Gita at the request of his devotees. Bhagavan has given the verses a very logical sequence, a coherent flow and synopsis in Krishna’s own words. The beauty of this selection is that it incorporates in a mere 42 verses the entire message of the Lord’s song of 700 verses. As the title suggests, this booklet is verily the quintessence of the Gita, and is a gift of grace to be cherished by earnest readers.

Such a very concise selection from this spiritual masterpiece of all times has not, to our knowledge, been ever made by any commentator on the Gita in any language. The verses comprised in the booklet include the verses from the Gita which Bhagavan quoted in the course of his answers to the question of visitors and devotees. It is as if Bhagavan Krishna Himself came as Bhagavan Ramana to give his loving, eternal message in a nutshell to the modern man.

Devotees and other aspirants will derive immense spiritual benefit by studying this precious book.

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