Sri Arunachala Stuti Panchakam (Sadhu Natanananda)

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Sri Arunachala Stuti Panchakam (Sadhu Natanananda)


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When the Divine incarnates in the world, in a human for, a host of evolved-souls come along with Him to help accomplish the chosen divine mission. Sadhu Natanananda was such a blessed soul. Vowed to have only Bhagavan as his Sadguru he came to Bhagavan as a lad of 18, young but mature in dispassion. Undeterred by dissuasions and initial disappointments he succeeded in gaining the attention of his guru. His earnestness, perseverance and intense receptivity elicited Bhagavan’s abundant Grace, which vouched him quick progress in the path of Self-enquiry. Muruganar held him in high esteem.

The flourish of Guru bhakti by itself is Grace. Is not Grace, after all, the effulgence of Self-attention? Natanananda, blessed with such grace dived deep within through enquiry, and was established firmly in Self-Awareness there.

Written with great devotion and understanding Natanananda’s commentary on Sri Arunachala Aksharamanamalai fully brings out the poignancy, depth and beauty of Bhagavan’s pleas inspiring the devotees with dispassion and precious insights into the glory of the Light Mountain deeply embedded in the Hymn.

The English rendering of this commentary by “Kays” is an offering at the Feet of Bhagavan to commemorate the Centenary of this composition of incomparable spiritual beauty and power.

pp. xvii+112

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