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Sri Ramana Katha (English) – DVD MP3


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In 1963 Pandit Nehru bestowed the title of “Bala Meera” on a child prodigy after listening to a rendering of Bhajans by her. “Kalaimamani Bala Meera Chandra” became a famed exponent of Hari Katha tradition pioneered by Swami Samartha Ramdas.

Fifty years later, “I.P. Meera Grimes” was called upon to render the life of Sri Ramana Maharshi in Hari Katha format in the US and several Ramana centres in India. You can hear a recording of a musical discourse on Sri Ramana Maharshi in traditional Kalakshepam style in English by Meeraji.

Audience review of the recording:

“It is quite beautiful. Your voice is angelic, also fresh and enthusiastic. I can see why you have enraptured audiences since you were a child. I have no comments to make about particular aspects of Bhagavan’s biography since there is no one interpretation of the events associated with his physical body. Clearly you have researched the literature that exists and reflected your own understanding of that. “ ..Devotee from USA

“First, I want to say that I delighted in the clarity of both your spoken and sung words. The story, with its spoken and sung alternating parts, is captivating and would certainly be a great introduction to anyone who was not familiar with Bhagavan’s history.

My only regret when I listened to this story is that I wasn’t there for the visual part as well!” ..A western devotee

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