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Oruganti Venkata Krishnayya (1904-1981) was a staunch devotee of Sri Bhagavan. He was a lawyer and a government official. He was a frequent visitor to Sri Ramanasramam right from the early 1930s.

In 1936 he published Ramana Leela in Telugu assuming the name Krishna Bhikshu. This was one of the three biographies of Sri Bhagavan published during his bodily lifetime. The other two are Self-Realization in English by B. V. Narasimha Swamy and Sri Ramana Vijayam in Tamil by Shuddananda Bharati. Krishna Bhikshu later revised his work as Sri Bhagavan himself found some errors pertaining to certain incidents in his life in the first three editions. In April 1949, Krishna Bhikshu sat before Bhagavan and read the book. Bhagavan made several corrections in the text. After this Krishna Bhikshu brought out the fourth edition in 1957. Ramana Leela, therefore, is the only biography of Sri Bhagavan that has been seen and corrected by him and hence authentic. There are many rare incidents in this work that are not to be found in the other biographies.

Sri Ramanasramam is pleased to bring this book in English. The translation was done by Pingali Sundaram, a devotee from Hyderabad. pp. 317

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