Sri Ramanasramam – Centenary Souvenir

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Sri Ramanasramam – Centenary Souvenir


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A visually stunning homage to Bhagavan Ramana and his Ashram unfolds within the pages of an enchanting coffee table book. With dimensions of 11 x 9 inches in landscape format, the book spans 280 pages and showcases over 400 photographs. Articles in English, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam and Telugu contribute to the linguistic richness, reflecting the diverse audience.

Meticulously chronicling the evolution of Sri Ramanasramam, the book traces its journey from a modest single hut in 1922 to the expansive structure it became in 2023. Through a captivating blend of archival photographs, rare artifacts, and insightful narratives, readers are invited on a compelling journey through the transformative history of the ashram.

This exquisite volume stands as a tribute to the profound legacy shaped by the ashram over the past hundred years, encapsulating the spiritual essence of its evolution and preserving the enduring teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Priced at Rs.1000, the book offers a tangible connection to the remarkable history and teachings encapsulated within the sacred grounds of Sri Ramanasramam.

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