Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi (HARD BOUND)

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Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi (HARD BOUND)



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During the four years from 1935 to 1939, Munagala Venkataramiah, a veteran devotee and the author of this work, painstakingly recorded the conversations that took place in the Old Hall between Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and his devotees.

People from all faiths and every walk of life came to sit at Sri Bhagavan’s feet; whether ignorant or erudite, a simple peasant or royalty, they travelled from the far corners of the earth to place their doubts before him or just to sit in his divine presence. His infinite compassion and unique insight ensured that none left his Ashram empty handed.

Their questions covered every aspect of the spiritual search and every problem troubling the human mind; Maharshi‘s answers gently led the questioner to the correct solution, each question answered according to the questioners’ own level of spiritual development. All had their doubts dispelled, their hearts suffused with peace and their beings uplifted in his presence. This book is a truthful chronicle of such happenings.

Reflecting the warmth, the humour and the deep spiritual atmosphere generated by the Master’s presence, this work is a treasure-house for all who seek the Highest Truth. Sri Bhagavan’s teaching, Self-enquiry, is the core of this work. However, doctrinal questions from the various faiths, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Theosophical, etc., have also been answered by the Maharshi. His explanations have revealed the common thread underlying all faiths and the absolute unity of the spiritual quest, irrespective of the diverse paths encountered on the journey to the Highest Goal. Hardbound 724pp+xi

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