Thangakkai – The Golden Hand

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Thangakkai – The Golden Hand


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Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi is praised as the “Golden Handed” one. Though Bhagavan’s fifty-four years of physical life in Tiruvannamalai was spent in silent Sahaja-Atma-Nishta – Natural abidance in the Self – His service to the spiritual uplift of humanity is also surpassing. His answers to spiritual seekers and their experiences have taken the shape of numerous books and compilations in many languages.

Composing verses in many languages, translating and transliterating them into multiple languages, copying thousands of verses and extracts from other sources with His “Golden Hand” for the benefit of spiritual seekers is one of His acts of grace.

From out of thousands of pages written by Bhagavan Ramana in His “Golden Hand” in Tamil and a few other languages, some are presented in this compilation for devotees to peruse and cherish.

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