Pricing Policy

The price of an order consists of three parts. First part is the basic price of the book as shown on the product information page.This is the cost of the item when purchased at the ashram.

The second part is the shipping charge. This is the amount the courier company charges us to deliver the book to your door. This charge depends on the total weight of the order. The minimum charge is forty Rupees for the first kilogram and increases in steps of forty Rupees for every kilogram thereafter.

Finally a handling charge of ten percent is added to cover the commission that the credit card processing company charges us for realizing the money through credit card or net-banking transaction. It includes an annual software maintenance fee.

For small orders the shipping and handling may be higher than the book price because of the courier minimum charge. A book costing twenty Rupees will cost sixty-two Rupees when shipping and handling charges are added. Please note that the ashram only gets the basic product price.