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Commentary on Aksharamanamalai


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A Detailed Commentary By Muhavai Kanna Muruganar Translated By
Robert Butler

Aksharamanamalai is truly a Divine gift consisting of 108
mantra-like verses, which protects those who recite it regularly
from any and all troubles like a talisman. Muruganar further
says “Aksharamanamalai resulted from the experience of supreme divine love for Arunachala Siva that surged forth in an extremely intense and powerful
manner from the depths of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Heart. These verses possess such a depth, breadth, rareness and greatness of meaning, with many different shades and
variations, that their true, full, inner meaning will be clear
only to great devotees who, through the illumination of the
Lord’s grace, have found delight in immersing themselves in
manifold ways in the waters of devotion.”

Ashram wished to unlock the arcane secrets of Sri Muruganar’s
Tamil commentary and bring out a lucid and accurate English
translation for the benefit of English speaking devotees of
Bhagavan. This was by no means an easy task. The translator
had to clearly understand the scholarly chaste Sangam era
Tamil of Muruganar to be able to bring out the difficult
philosophical ideas in easily readable English to do justice
to the original commentary. Readers of this commentary will
agree that Robert Butler has recreated the awesome spiritual
presence of Sri Arunachala Ramana by the power of his pen
aided by the grace of Sri Ramana Maharshi. A reviewer of
this commentary writes “Muruganar’s commentary spells out
the meaning in spades, making a dream come true. I had no
idea how important this poem is until now. It’s the beginning,
middle and end of Bhagavan’s teaching.”

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